**Caution:  There might be crumbs on this post!**

Bobo’s Oat Bars are DEVINE!  I know because I am happily gobbling up a Maple Pecan bar as we speak!  It is so fresh and delicious, the perfect sweet snack to make you smile.  PLUS, Bobo’s Oat Bars are Gluten Free, All Natural, and have nine delicious flavors to choose from! Like Peach (sooo good), Peanut Butter and more!

Started by a mom who wanted healthier options for her daughter, Bobo’s Oat Bars are made in the good ole USA, Boulder, Colorado! They have no artificial flavors, sweeteners, additives or other harsh chemicals.

How awesome is that?

And just for taking a moment to get to know Bobo’s Oat Bars, you have a shot at a fantastic Swag bag that includes 3 of their fabulous bars!

Here is what else is in the swag bag:

An assortment of the fabulous Bobo’s Oat Bars!   I received 3 in my bag and am already online ready to buy more!  They are so good!

A Field Notes and Click Pen set, easy to carry, quick to take your notes!  They fit right in my purse!

A pound of Boulder, Colorado’s own OZO Coffee!  I am a coffee NUT and ripped this whole bean coffee bag open, ground those beans and savored this coffee!  It is a perfect compliment to the Peach Bobo Oat Bar!

Justin’s Organic Peanut Butter Cups from Colorado!  These are so rich and yummy!  I mean, really, what’s NOT to like?

A fabulouos ceramic coffee cup with slide in spoon!  I love this cup!  I got a maroon one and the spoon fits right into the handle, leaving it for easy mixing to keep your cup at that perfect blend of milk and coffee!

A BAGGU Reusable bag!  Perfect to throw your Bobo Oat Bars in and take them everywhere!  This bright bag holds so much stuff!

A super soft V neck T-shirt!  This shirt feels like it has been washed a thousand times and is all soft and cuddly!  And it fits really well!

A beautiful photo of the Maroon Bells in Colorado, framed in an 8×10 frame.  Set this on your table, pour yourself a cup of coffee, savor a Bobo’s Oat Bar and drift off into the mountains of Colorado on a brisk morning, relishing in your decision to Live Better Today!

And thanks to Bobo’s Oat Bars, you can win your own Live Better Today Swag Bag!  Just click [continue reading] for easy Rafflecopter entry!