Let’s face it, Dental care can be expensive.  Even with dental insurance, you can pay thousands out of pocket for what seems like a simple procedure.  Add to that kids dental care, unexpected care for yourself and your spouse and going to the dentist to take good care of your teeth can be hampered.  I know I have not gone to take care of things because I just could not pay what was left after my insurance was done!

And if you do not have insurance, a visit to the dentist can seem like an impossibility!  But we all know that dental care is important, especially for kids with growing mouths and new teeth!

DentalPlans.com is here to help!

Through DentalPlans.com, you will have easy access to savings at the dentist, and an easy to use alternative to dental insurance. Visitors of DentalPlans.com use our online comparison tools to search for more than 30 discount dental plans available at more than 100,000 dentists across the country. DentalPlans.com helps people find a plan without annual limits and a dentist they can visit the next day to save on out-of-pocket dental expenses. Individuals and families can purchase a low-cost plan online or by phone for discounts of 10% to 60% off most dental care procedures.

Pretty cool, right?

DentalPlans.com Quick Facts:
·         More than 30 plans to search for, compare and view sample savings.
·         Savings at more than 100,000 dentists across the country.
·         Savings of 10% to 60% on most dental care procedures.
·         Savings on orthodontia, cosmetic and pediatric dentistry with select plans.
·         No annual limits, health restrictions, paperwork hassles or waiting periods.
·         Most plans activate within three business days.
·         Plans start at $79.95 per year for individuals and $129.95 per year for families.

4 Ways to Search for Discount Dental Plans at DentalPlans.com:
·         ZIP code
·         Dentist name
·         Dental procedures
·         Individual or family

Check out the video below to learn more!


How DentalPlans.com Work:
·         Visitors search by ZIP code to find plans and participating dentists in their area.
·         Search tool compares all plans available within a ZIP code and displays discount dental plans according to available dentists and plans with the most significant savings possible.
·         Visitors can compare plans in the area and view sample savings for dental procedures while locating and selecting participating dentists.
·         Most discount dental plans through DentalPlans.com activate within three business days and without paperwork hassles, health restrictions and annual limits.

Take some time to check out the site and see if DentalPlans.com can help you get your family to the dentist for less!

And because DentalPlans.com wants everyone to see how much their plans can help, (1) reader will WIN A one-year individual or family discount dental plan (individual plans start at $79.95 and family plans start at $129.95) of the winner’s choice to use at a participating dentist for discounts of 10% to 60% off most dental care procedures.

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US residents only. Plans are not available in South Dakota. California residents are not eligible for promotion. Must be 18 years or older to win a free discount dental plan.

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