A GUARANTEE that Krill Oil our lives and health for the better?! We took the Viva Labs Krill Oil Challenge!

Abo Viva Labs Krill Oil

  • Vicva Labs Krill Oil is the best in the industry. Don’t believe us? See for yourself. In the following graph you’ll see that we have higher concentrations of DHA, EPA and the anti-oxident Astaxanthin than any of our competitors. Not only that, because the Omega-3’s are stored in Phospholipids form it is easier for your body to absorb the essential nutrients.

About Krill Oil

Krill Oil is the oil harvested from antarctic krill, a shrimp like crustacean that lives deep in the ocean. Scientists and doctors have discovered that ingesting this oil can have amazing affects on your body including a stronger heart, pain-free joints, a better mood, lower cholesterol, easier menstruation and overall better health.

Krill oil is a miraculous discovery from the deep pure waters of Antarctica that literally beats the pants off fish oil. When tested head to head by an independent laboratory our supplement was found to be 54x more powerful in antioxidant activity than fish oil!