Every weekend I head to the store and buy 5 newspapers to get my coupons.  And then I have to stand there, go through the papers and make sure that no one has taken the coupons out, and then I have to haul 5 papers around, only one of which my husband reads, and then I have to dispose of them somehow.

It’s ridiculous, really!  Can’t I just have my inserts?  Guaranteed to be delivered to my house at about the same price of the bulky papers that end up being more of a pain than they are worth?

And then what happens when I don’t get to the store on a weekend?  Or if I get there so late that only one sad, already gone through paper remains?  Those are sure to be the weeks that has the best coupons in them and then I have lost out on all of that money I could have saved!

So, I happily introduce MyCouportiera.com!  Among other great things that this blog does, it offers weekly subscription coupon service!  YES – you can sign up and get your inserts mailed to you GUARANTEED every week!  And for about the same price you would spend on papers!  But the best part is that when you sign up, they come every week until you decide you don’t need them anymore and you can cancel anytime, no questions asked!  You can also sign up for certain weeks only!

No more last minute runs to the store praying there are still papers left!  No more getting them home to find inserts gone!  No more worries!

Here is a little more about MyCouportiera.com:

Example: *RESERVATION LINE FOR 10/30 SUNDAY PAPER (prices change depending on coupons)

Option 1: (5 pack) $12.75 pricing includes Shipping & Free Delivery Confirmation with (5)10/30 P&G (5) 10/30 RedPlum & (5)10/30 SmartSource

Option 2: (10 pack) $19.75  pricing includes Shipping & Free Delivery Confirmation with (10)10/30 P&G (10) 10/30 RedPlum & (10)10/30 SmartSource

Save $120 per Year ! ! ! ! !

Sign Up for MYCOUPORTIERA Weekly Service

Option 1: (5 pack)  $2.05 per paper =$10.25 pricing includes Shipping & Free Delivery Confirmation

Option 2: (10 pack)  $1.78 per paper =  $17.75 pricing includes Shipping & Free Delivery Confirmation

Here are the benefits of MyCouportiera Weekly Subscription Plan:

  • It’s  ensure you get your coupons each week
  • It’s locks in the early bird pricing
  • You’re automatically billed so you don’t have to rush to place your order each week
  • It’s worry free because you know your coupons will be in your mail box each week
  • Guaranteed shipping on Mondays for all subscriptions.

I know I am going to save so much more by having an automatic service!  Plus, I see on the comments that sometimes there are little extras in your package too!

Now that I have peeked your interest, let’s give you a shot at WINNING 10 coupon inserts so you can see how great this service is too! TWO winners will receive a credit for a 10 Pack of Coupon Inserts from MyCouportiera!  You must use the insert code within 30 days of receiving it!    Simply click [continue reading] for easy Rafflecopter entry!

**You are not Paying for the INSERTS . . . The Inserts are Free, You are paying for the time it takes for the Mycouportiera staff to sort your paper, pack it and ship it to your door each week.**