When I get to review a fantastic children’s entertainment item, I wish I could type faster and bring it to you the very next day after we watch it!  But the reality is that sometimes I just fall behind!  But sometimes my falling behind is an advantage to me – and you – because I get to have something in my house and really use it over time so that I can bring you the true flavor of the product.

I am currently falling in love with Scholastic DVD’s.  And Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears… and Other African Folk Tales is the latest of their DVD’s that has captured not only our attention but our imagination and hearts.

We had some sleepovers week before last on Spring Break and I pulled out this DVD for my kids and their friend to watch.  Katie immediately yelled, “We have that in our school!” and I smiled!  Because, especially after watching this with the girls, I realized that the school my child goes to has some really wonderful materials to offer my child during the day.  And that made me feel really good as a parent.

Narrated by James Earl Jones, Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears is a colorful, creative, completely entertaining way to share African Folk Tales with children.  With five stories on the DVD, there is a lesson to be learned at every turn.

The title episode is an important one to me, and probably any mom, who wants to drive home the importance of telling the truth in their children.  As an iguana tells a lie and sets off a slew of events in the forest that effects everyone in it, the consequences are apparent and important.  My children watched the episode and it opened up a conversation about lying and what the difference is in the truth and a lie.

In another episode, Not So Fast Songololo, Songololo goes with his grandmother, Gogo, into town. Gogo tends to move slower and Songololo does not mind as he strolls along with her through a busy African city.  His patience and care in keeping his Gogo’s pace, as opposed to his own, is rewarded in this warming tale.  We absolutely love this episode and when we watched it again, just last night, Sarah said that next time she saw a “Gogo” walking she would take her hand and walk with her instead of running ahead… even if she saw a Toy Store!    And that is why I am glad that I get behind sometimes!  Because I get to share with you something I would not have before.  Because even after watching this beautiful DVD several times, my Sarah is still deriving important lessons from it.  And that to me is a DVD worth owning!

The three other African Folk Tale episodes, Hot Hippo (Megan’s favorite), The Village of Round and Square Houses and Who’s in Rabbit’s House are just as colorful, educational and fun to watch as the other two.

All five stories, by the way, are derived from popular children’s books!  And, as an added YEA, the DVD is a read along too!  Which aids in reading along with the other lessons that kids learn while watching this!

And because NewKideo.com wants everyone to have a  change to show their children these classic African Folk Tales, (1) of my readers will WIN a copy!  Just enter with the Rafflecopter form below:

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