A week or so ago, I got a tweet from a user named @KloutPerks.  I see their tweets every once in a while and I see people talking about how wonderful they are and how much they enjoy the “perks” offered!

I got a notice from them once that my Klout score – a barometer for how well my tweets are reacted to on Twitter – was high enough to have earned a, well, perk! By the time I got the message, however, the offer had expired.

Telling myself there was probably a ton of fine print, I moved on.

And then I got another notice!  They told my that my Klout score had won me a $100 gift code to Lot18, a membership by invitation website for wine and epicurean products from producers at nice discounts.

I skeptically clicked the link.

A world of beautiful wines, olive oils, wine glasses, and so on, appeared!

I LOVE wine so I was very excited!

I quickly searched and found a 3 pack of elegant, Italian, Olive Oils and a set of 2 bottles of Brian Arden Syrah wine.  I paid $5.00 – what was left after the gift code -and sat back to wait on my products!

Within days I had the Olive Oils!  Perfectly wrapped, beautifully presented, and here.  And then today, not even a week later, I received the wine!

I am thrilled with this ‘gift’ and want everyone I know to follow @KloutPerks and @Lot18!  A wonderful partnership that makes a lot of tweeters very happy!

Want me to send you an invitation to Lot18?  Just leave a comment below and start getting exclusive deals for amazing wine and accessories!