When we found out we were pregnant with Megan, our third daughter, we were thrilled!  We did not even care that would have no boys – yes, we are done – because we were so happy to have another beautiful daughter.

But as the pregnancy progressed and I dealt with my 3 year old and 2 year old, I had a panic attack.  The age between about 20 months and 28 months drives me absolutely batty!  And the thought of almost being done with it with Sarah and then turning around and doing it with another child made me crazy.

This is the span in life, it seems, where the pee hits the floor…  literally.

She is just old enough to remove her shorts and diaper, but not old enough to potty train.  So we have a naked baby running around at least half the day!  Peeing at will, running through it, and prompting more than one bath a day.

Not only that, this is the age where these little ladies have independence and no control.  Well, that can last until adulthood, but is starts here, I am convinced!

Megan wants what she wants now.  With no regard for who or what is in her way.  She has no restaurant decorum, digging in my glass and plate like she is queen of grossness, and strapping her into a high chair is just mean to the other patrons.  Not all of them find a screaming toddler to be all that amusing.

To add to her – er -dining charm, she is at that stage where everything hits the floor.  Which has promoted the serious teaching of time out.  Many times I wish that I could cement her little nakey butt in a high chair and her plates and cups to the tray.

But people call that child abuse.

So we refrain.

And as punishment for being loving, responsible, non cementing parents, we get to clean up noodles, cheerios, grapes, yogurt,  and whatever other food we choose to foolishly serve her, off of the floors.

To add to the constant watching and cleaning up after this child, she has decided that if she wants a toy, she will take a toy.  From anyone.  Her sisters, her parents, a rabid dog.  Anyone.  And is strong enough to actually get it!

Adding this third child and this age to our family has created a fast track for my advance to insanity.

I love her.  Adore her.  Can not live my life without her sweet smile, hysterical laugh, playful spirit, and soft, sloppy kisses.

But I am ready for her to be out of this stage.  And onto the next one.  Also knows as the terrible 2’s.

But that is a whole other blog post topic!