Thank you to Kraft Foods for offering me the opportunity to recreate a recipe with PHILADELPHIA Cooking Creme. Please click here to learn more about all the PHILADELPHIA Cooking Creme flavors and recipes.

A while back I found a product that I love!  Kraft’s Philadelphia Cooking Cremes.  I have made everything from chicken to beef to pork with this versatile and supper yummy creamy addition to any meal.  I though I had tried it on everything until I was lucky enough to receive a wonderful recipe from Kraft to try with their NEW Savory Lemon and Herb flavor to pair with seafood.

My husband and my girls love shrimp so I knew that the Shrimp and Broccoli Fettuccine that I was going to make was going to be amazing and an instant hit!

This incredibly easy recipe is as follows:

Shrimp & Broccoli Fettuccine
Prep Time: 20 min. | Makes: 4 servings, 1 cup each.

¼ lb. fettuccine, uncooked
1 cup broccoli florets
¾ lb. frozen cooked cleaned medium shrimp, thawed
1 clove garlic, minced
1 tub (10 oz.) PHILADELPHIA Savory Lemon & Herb Cooking Creme
¼ cup milk
¼ cup chopped tomatoes

Cook pasta in large saucepan as directed on package, omitting salt and adding broccoli for the
last 3 min. Drain; keep warm.  Cook and stir shrimp and garlic in large nonstick skillet on medium heat 2 to 3 min. or until shrimp
are heated through. Add cooking creme and milk; cook and stir 2 min.  Add pasta to shrimp mixture; mix lightly. Top with tomatoes.

Serve with a mixed green salad tossed with your favorite KRAFT Light Dressing.

Prepare as directed, substituting 3/4 lb. boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into strips, for the shrimp and increasing the cooking time to 6 to 7 min. or until chicken is done. Add cooking creme and milk; continue as directed.

Nutrition Information Per Serving
340 calories, 11g total fat, 6g saturated fat, 1350mg sodium, 31g carbohydrate, 28g protein

I did not variate much from the recipe, to be honest.  I really, REALLY wanted to add capers because I imagined them bringing out the tang of the lemon but my husband does not like them so I left them out.  I did chop an onion thinking I would add a very finely minced quarter of an onion to add some kick but after tasting the lemon and herb creme, I decided it needed nothing more at all!  I did top the dish with shaves Parmesan cheese and added garlic bread as a side.

I have to tell you, true to form, the cooking cream really does a lot of the work for you as far as adding flavors, depth and great savory taste to any recipe.  And when my family devoured their plates – my husband even had two servings – I knew that the Philadelphia Cooking Creme had made me look like a great cook once again with minimal effort!  And the kids seriously did LOVE it!!

Just check out this video below of my two oldest girls talking about the meal as they had their second helping right before bedtime!

Now my oldest, Katie, says she did not like the broccoli but she ate every bite!  I think the cream helped to cover a lot of it so she ate it and did not even realize it!

I adore meals like this.  The ones that are easy for me to make but make enough of an impression on my family to keep the, “But I don’t like…” and “Mom, can I have cookies for dinner?” comments at bay. I can gather everyone around the table – my absolute favorite part of the day – and keep them all there long enough to have a great time as a family.

Philadephia Cooking Creme’s have been a part of my family meals for a while and now the new Savory Lemon and Herb will be added to my list!  Have you tried these great cooking cremes yet?  What recipes do you like and what creme’s are your favorite?

Thank you again to Kraft Foods for sponsoring this blog post. I was selected as one of 20 bloggers by Technorati Media and Clever Girls Collective to participate in the Kraft Foods PHILADELPHIA Cooking Creme signature recipes campaign. While I have been compensated for my time and received the product, my opinions and experiences are my own.