We live in a 30 year old house and 99.9% of it was still 30 years old when we moved in.  Knowing we had a serious fixer upper on our hands, we were a bit shocked at the incredibly high electric bills we had from day one.  As we replaced fixtures that were old and dusty and, frankly, unsafe, we used energy efficient light bulbs in an effort to lower our bills!


I love this commercial that emphasizes how much you can save by just switching to GE Energy Efficient Bulbs:

And it has helped!  But the changing out of fixtures has been slow!

In the meantime, I have been on my husband and my kids to save energy household wide:

Turn off the lights when you leave a room!  So easy to do!

 – Don’t have more than one thing on at the same time.  DO we really need the TV in both bedrooms going?  Go out and play!

 – Put lamps and outdoor lights on a timer!  Don’t leave for work and leave that porch light on all day!

 – Keep the A/C from running by having it checked before the summer season for any problems!

 – Use ceiling fans – with energy efficient light bulbs, of course – to move the air around your home!

But in the end, this is an old house and everything needs to be updated, one room at a time!

One area that has bothered me for two years, though, is our very dark entry into the house!  Even a lighter coat of paint did not brighten it much!  I have wanted to change the fixture and the bulbs for a while!

This last week, I finally took some time out of my day to get educated about energy efficient light bulbs and used that knowledge to spruce up my dark and dreary entry!  It is about time!

In my “studies” I learned that GE not only has energy efficient bulbs that can fit almost every fixture, but they last for years and years.  Not two or three years, but seven or eight years and more!  Plus just one bulb can save you up to $7 per BULB!  Now, think about how many light bulbs you have in your house and multiply that by $5.00 or more!  That really adds up to some serious savings!

In fact, calculate how much you could save using the GE Energy Smart CFL Calculator!  My savings are below:


Check out my entire shop below:

And with the variety of GE Energy Smart and Reveal Light Bulbs, you can change out every light in your house!  From fancy chandelier bulbs to those big vanity bulbs and even outdoor halogen lights!  There are even textured bulbs for decor and more.  Available in a large variety of wattage, there truly is a brighter, more energy efficient alternative for everyone!

With the knowledge of GE lighting options in my pocket, I headed to the lighting area of Walmart to see if I could find a new, more modern fixture for my entry.  I knew that I would find something beautiful, affordable and decorative.  I passed the ceiling fans and decorative accessories along the way thinking of other rooms in the house that I could update next!

I found a beautiful light fixture and flipped the box over to see how many CFL bulbs it took.  And then I headed back to the light bulb aisle just one a way and got the recommended wattage and checked out.

Early the next morning, my dear, handyman husband opted to silence me and get the fixture up so I could enjoy my new, bright entry from here on out!  He has the fixture up in no time and we installed the #GELighting Energy Smart CFL bulbs.  And then the moment of truth!

He turned the electricity back on and wala!  LIGHT!  Yea, my dark and uninviting entry was now decked out with long lasting, energy efficient bulbs and makes me so happy!  The entry into my house is not bright and inviting and I love it!

Now to plan and slowly switch out even more bulbs in my house and watch my electric bill decrease even more!  And save with this great $2.00 Off COUPON you can use now!

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