My family loves french fries.  All kinds.  Crinkly, thin, fat, wedge.

Anything that we call a french fry, we love.

So when I found out that Ore-Ida made Sweet Potato Fries, I was in a hurry to get some and start incorporating them into my every day menus!

I loaded up my kids and headed to Sam’s Club where I knew they were sold.  I went straight to the frozen food section and bought two big bags of fries!  For just $14 and some change for 2 huge bags, I knew that I was getting a deal on a product that my family would love!  I looked around and saw that Sam’s also sold the Ore-Ida Crinkly Fries and the Tater Tots!  All in huge bags that are affordable!

Just be sure to look around a little because all of the Ore-Ida products were in different displays!  I found the Sweet Potato Fries on an end cap, the Tots and Crinkly Fries somewhere else and yet another section that had just the Crinkly Fries.

That evening, I took the fries and my ideas for some fun, new recipes to my friends house.  I thought between her 3 kids and mine, we would have some pretty good testers!

The first recipe is pretty stock, I think, for sweet potato fries!  Stock can be good.  Very, very good!

We took some fries, cooked them per the instructions.  When they were still hot, we added sugar and cinnamon and then dug in.

WOW these things are good!

The fries were crispy on the outside but gave way to a soft, gooey, inside.  Most importantly, the kids thought they were amazing!  Why wouldn’t they?

The second recipe is a twist on an old favorite.  The perfect recipe to do with your left over fries from the one above.  If you have any!

Mashed sweet potato french fries.  Now, Ore-Ida has Mashable Sweet Potatoes in their product line but I wanted to see if the crisp of the french fry added an interesting texture as well!

My friend helped and cooked the fries like normal, and then seasoned them with cinnamon and sugar, just as we did the other recipe.  And then she put them in the food processor with butter.  She mashed them up and they came out soft but with little pieces of crunch!  Almost like chuncky regular mashed potatoes!

She served them to the kids after rehearing them a bit in a pot and they liked them a lot!  And that is the goal of every recipe, isn’t it?

So there you have it!  Two easy and fast recipes that can incorporate Ore-Ida Sweet Potato Fries into snacks, lunch or dinner as a side dish!  Now I am working on some ideas for breakfast!

So head over to Sam’s Club, pick yourself up a bag, and let me know what fun recipes you come up with!!

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