Well GUESS WHAT?!?!  

I entered this essay into the “Centrum’s Most Energized Woman” contest in honor of Leanna Loud, a woman I admire and respect immeasurable!  Lo and behold, this essay was selected as one of the top 5 Finalist!  Out of over 700 entries, my little 298 words and Leanna’s story, led us to the public voting phase for a Grand Prize to be awarded to Leanna if she wins!  

And she WILL WIN?!  Right guys!  ;)

I sincerely ask that you take a few moments to vote for Leanna.  Show her that you appreciate her strength, resolve, and admire her determination!  With every vote, you tell her that you are amazed at her energy in the face of a struggle!  And that you appreciate her letting me share her story!

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The Essay – “You Energize Me”
by Lori Pace – Submitted 12/27/2010

She wakes up in the morning, trying not to think of the first thing that enters her mind, turns her aching, beat up body and swings her legs over the edge of her bed.  As her toes hit the floor, she takes a deep breath. 

She walks into the kitchen and sees her three children waiting and ready for breakfast.  She smiles, knowing that every smile matters.  She is tired but she never wants her kids to know what it is like without her, so she pulls from within her deepest core, and finds the energy and strength to hear their laughter and help them plan their days.  

These are the moments that she cherishes, the reason she digs deep and finds energy every single day. 

Today is the walk, so after she takes time with her precious family, she pulls on her running shorts, laces up her shoes and feels the adrenaline rise from her belly.  She has $2,000 riding on her walking this race and she refuses to let any of her donors down!

She is a mom.  She is a woman.  She is proud. 

And she is a cancer fighter.  

Pushing through Invasive ductal carcinoma – breast cancer – as a young woman, with children and a husband to take care of, she fights to energize herself for them every day.  

As she walks the Susan G Komen walk on October 16, 2010, she inspires millions.  To get up, get to it, and not live with an excuse.  Live with a purpose, an energy, and a faith. 

She is Leanna Loud, and she is the most energized woman I have known in 2010….  by strides!

Inspired?  Appreciative?  Energized? Love Leanna?  Love me?  

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