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A week or so ago I was walking through the store and passed a Hostess Cakes display. I love all of the cakes and am so glad they are in stores to snack on. But as I stared at the Twinkies, I wanted to see if I could use them to create something really yummy for the girls and I. Looking into my cart I saw my bunch of bananas and an idea came to me. How would Banana Pudding taste if I took out vanilla wafers and substituted them with Twinkies? Well, I had to try it. I have to say… it is Delicious! My Twinkies Banana Pudding is awesome!

Twinkies Banana Pudding Recipe #TwinkieCookbook  @Hostess_Snacks  #MC   #sponsored

Banana Pudding is a classic and a favorite in this house. Homemade Banana Puddings are my favorite. I do the very basics in and my kids love it!

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Twinkies Banana Pudding Recipe #TwinkieCookbook
Prep time
Total time
Banana Pudding with Twinkies? How can it not be good!
Recipe type: Dessert
  • Box of Twinkies
  • Container of Cool Whip
  • 3 ripe bananas
  • 2 boxes of 3.4 ounce vanilla pudding
  • 4 cups of milk
  1. Make the pudding with the milk according to box instructions. Slice the Twinkies and layer the bottom of your bowl with them. Top the slices with the pudding. Add bananas on top and then spread a layer of Cool Whip. Start again and top with sliced Twinkies and serve!

Having Twinkies back on store shelves is a great thing. I grew up with Twinkies and all of the Hostess treats around. But it was not until I was a mom that I realized what a fun snack these are to have in the cabinet. My kids love the fluffy golden cakes and I always lick the cream filling out first. They bring back so many memories from childhood and I love that I can share them with my kids!

Twinkies Banana Pudding Recipe #TwinkieCookbook  @Hostess_Snacks  #MC   #sponsored

Twinkies can be used in so many ways to make fun recipes!  How about chocolate dipped with colorful sprinkles on them? Or use them to be Minions on a cake! I have even seen them cut in two, ice cream added in the middle, to create ice cream sandwiches!

What could you create in your kitchen with Twinkies? I know my kids and I loved creating the Twinkies Banana Pudding Recipe!

Twinkies Banana Pudding Recipe #TwinkieCookbook  @Hostess_Snacks  #MC   #sponsored

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