There is a revolutionary hair color system hitting the market and it just might keep you out of salons for good!

Join the army of women fighting off greys with eSalon’s custom formulated hair color service and get your first order FREE*! Scroll to the bottom of the Haircolor For Women article to begin your customization quiz and receive your free* supply. Based on your hair type and style, coloring preferences, color history, current color and the color you desire from the quiz, you will get a custom formulated color blend specifically for your hair.

The eSalon color lab will bottle up the product and ship it to your home for only $4.95! If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you will get the $4.95 for shipping refunded to you and you may cancel your subscription order at any time. eSalon lets you select your own frequency of delivery to suit your personal needs.

Read about this new product and get your supply today!  Come back and tell me what you think!

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