I only have one week left of my two eldest girls being at preschool to enjoy.  I am excited about summer but will miss this one on one time with Megan.

So today, she and I set out on a very slow, have to stop and look at everything, I found out she knows the work “sky”, walk.

We headed down our little street and crossed to the other side of the neighborhood loop.  My goal was to watch her… relish is her… enjoy her.

And then I saw a shoe.


A womans flat, black with a twisted type wrap, and an open peek a boo toe. It looked new.  Not at all like a used one that fell out of a trash can.  Next to it lie a rectangular piece of cardboard like you would remove from the back of a picture frame.

Curious, I turned my attention back to my toddler and continued to answer her pointed questions.  You know, when she points and says “dah?”.

We got a few feet further and she stopped to look at something.  I went over and a broken picture frame with a picture of three women dolled up for a night out on the town sat on the side of the road.

Now that is weird.  The frame was in really good shape and the picture was lovely.  But the glass was shattered and seemed to be placed, oh so gently, on top of the picture?

Dun Dun Duuuunnnnn…

Megan lost interest in me telling her not to touch the glass so we moved on.

A few feet down was a wrought iron swirly thing that you would hang by your front door.  Again, in wonderful shape with no visible reason why it would be discarded in the middle of  a private street.  A street where people are aware – almost  nosey – about things and it surely would have been picked up.  Especially since trash day was yesterday.

Megan and I turned to head back to our house as I put together the clues in my head.

A good condition shoe, the back of a picture frame, a nice picture in a pretty frame with glass placed on top, and a wrought iron outdoor decor piece.  All on a well taken care of, albeit, lowly traveled street.


And then Megan found another piece of glass – I assume from the broken frame – on the other side of the street, a ways away from the frame.

Now THAT is odd?  Some glass stacked, some shattered across the street?

I examined the evidence again as we headed home.  I was careful not to touch any of it, lest it be needed for evidence later.  Or my fingerprints transfer and I become a suspect in the greatest crime to hit our neighborhood ever!

I mean, imagine if there were actually some sort of newsworthy happening here and I were the one interviewed and a key prosecution witness to the state of the evidence before it entered the Houston crime lab and became contaminated and lost and all DNA was washed away?  And what if my account led to the capture of the criminal and the safe return of the victim or property?

Ohhh – I’d be on Oprah!  She would move a last season show just for me!  And the ladies of The View would all want to sit next to me!  I’d trump Arnold’s love child!

I’ll have to get my hair done.  And find a way to plug my blog.

And – finally – I would have a book deal!

Oh it will be so exciting!!!

Or, it could be that the people that just moved in overstuffed their trash cans and some stuff fell out and, with cars driving down the road, the stuff was spread around a little.  And in their rush to get to work this morning they stacked the loose glass on the frame and made a mental note to throw it away when they got home.

Sigh…  yea, that is probably it.

I guess I will get back to my daughter now…  and watching her point and say “sky” and get my imagination under control!

And I guess I need to stop watching 20/20, True Crime, and Disappeared late at night!