First off, let me express my deep gratitude to all who read my blog.  I am truly honored to have so many who enjoy following me here!  

As many of you know, I have decided to use my blog to create a website called  It is in it’s infancy and is definitely a work in progress!  My goal, over the next few years, is to grow it to include other bloggers looking for an outlet like I am, to take on advertisers and sellers of high quality, dependable products and to, one day, launch a series of books about my experiences (along with excerpts from other mothers!)  and any other reasonable, respectable use of the site. 

My first commitment, however, after my kids and husband, of course, will be to writing and my blog!  I pray that you all continue to follow my trials and tribulations along the way!

I invite you to come to my site, join as a follower, send me a message or feedback and bear with me on my new venture!

I will continue to post my blog on this site as I know a lot of you have it on your bookmarks, as well. 

THANK YOU ALL for voting for me and making me #25 on!  I am truly blessed that you felt I deserved your vote!

I continue to look forward to meeting more wonderful and talented Moms and am so happy to have you all as readers!

Love to all,


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