I live in Texas.  And though I was not born here, I saddled up my horse and rode here as soon as there was a saddle small enough for my toddler legs!  As a Texan who got here as fast as she could, I love a good pair of boots!  Expert craftsmanship, quality materials, and a good fit are the all important factors in a good looking, good fitting pair of boots!

After taking a moment to look around TimsBoots.com, I’d say they satisfy those requirements!  The wide range of materials, designs, color choices and boot models show me that TimsBoots.com knows their boots!

But you know what?  You have a chance to WIN a $200 gift card to TimsBoots.com to find out for yourself!  You can redeem the card for mens, womens and even kids boots!  And a really nice pair too!    TimsBoots.com also carries high quality belts, purses and bags, wallets and more!

And all you have to do to enter the contest to WIN the $200 TimsBoots.com gift card is to enter to WIN a Cowgirl Swag Bag, courtesy of TimsBoots.com!

Hard decision, right?

What is in the Swag Bag?  A bag of cowgirl happiness, that’s what!  

Alaskan Arctic Gift Package:  Includes a sample of 4 luxurious, wonderful fragrances; a sample of Arctic Salve; A sample of Alder Foot Soak; a sample of Camp Soap and a sample of Cloudberry Leaf Tea.  All products are handmade and I am IN LOVE with them all!  They smell so amazing and feel so luxurious!

Super Soft Red Feather T-Shirt:  And it IS soft!  Paying homage to the Cowboys and Indians of the past, this simple grey shirt with a red feather offers a retro look with a modern appeal!

Dr. Drip Coffee Instant Carry-Along Coffee:  This is COOL!  You simply open the package, place it over a cup, pour boiling water on it and wala – a rich, cocoa -ee, nutty cup of coffee, just like that!  The carry along filter eliminates any need for a coffee pot!

Heavy Gauged Steel Coffee Cup:  Kick up your boots, use your Mr. Drip Coffee in your warm blue mug, pull your cowgirl hat down to shade your eyes, and watch that hot Texas sun appear as a herd of cattle, grazing on the lush green grass of the Texas plains, lets out the morning moos.  Now that is a good way to start a busy day.

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky:  This is no longer in my package because I ripped it open and ate it right there in the car line at the elementary school.   I love jerky and Jack Link’s makes some of the best around!

Arizona Gunslinger Pepper Sauses Sampler Pack:   Yes, this is a necessity in a true western swag bag!  I, for one, can not wait to test them in my salsas and beans!  The hotter, the better!

Unique Vintage Western Shirt:  With some dating back to 1960’s, the unique vintage western shirts included in this swag bag are a tribute to the western wear makers of the past.  I LOVE mine and can not wait to go dancing and show it off!

As you can see, there is something in this swag bag for everyone from the “I want to be cowgirl today” to the boot schootin’, wrangler wearing two stepping cowgirls on the ranch.

Plus, it is just a TON of fun to get a bag full of stuff  that you won!

So, click [continue reading] for easy Rafflecopter entry to win the Swag bag from my blog!  And then bask in the great news that when you LIKE TimesBoots.com on Facebook, you are also entered for that awesome $200 gift card that will get you some FREE BOOTS!

Giveaway begins at 12:01am CST 10/18/2011 and ends at 10:59pm CST 11/8/2011.