Ohhh!!  Mama is in LOVE with this one, guys!  The Magic School Bus: All About Earth takes your kids on a field trip of fun, education and friend in this awesome DVD!

The Magic School Bus: About the Earth

Yes, Earth Day has passed for 2013, but in my house, we talk about conserving our resources every day.  So this is the PERFECT movie for year round education!  In fact, these three episodes will take your kids – and you – inside the Earth in a creative, colorful way.


This Emmy ®Award winning science adventure based series offers the creative education our kids need.  I have been looking at the other DVD’s with The Magic School Bus title and might just have to get the The Complete Series.   With DVD’s about the Human Body and Super Star Power, I can happily let my kids watch and learn at the same time.  And you know this is HUGE for me!

In About The Earth, which we are watching for the 12th time in a week while I work a little, the class’s garden is going to be featured in a magazine.  But Phoebe’s garden is empty!  Watch as the class works together to make everything grow!

In another episode, a volcano gives kids information about how islands are formed!  My kids LOVE this one and literally try to predict what is going to happen!

The last episode goes into the world of gas pressure!  Ms. Frizzle is so fun and the teacher all kid’s should have as she mixes fun and facts for the best impact of knowledge!

What I really love about these episodes is that they are so incredibly great for kids that my 1st grader gets to watch them at school!

Be sure to check out all of the awesome The Magic School Bus DVD’s online and in stores!  I promise you will LOVE sharing these with your kids!

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The Magic School Bus: All About Earth DVD