Ahhhh yes, one movie star that never seems to age; The Little Mermaid II and Ariel’s Beginning bring you more under the water fun and laughter! These movies give us insight into Ariel’s childhood and beyond the classic The Little Mermaid, to see her future.  They are truly a girl’s fantasy land under the sea and my girls LOVE them both!

the little mermaidWell let me tell you a sweet little story about this film.  We watched Ariel’s Beginning first and fell deeply in love with Ariel’s charming characteristics.  My girls had tons of questions about why this cute movie came out after the classic.  We chatted about how life is like a page turning book and making each day count in those pages.  My middle daughter spoke right up and said “Oh, Mommy! My pages are filled up with fun days like Ariel, because you take us swimming a lot!”  **Getting a bit choked up**  This movie inspired my sweet babies to think about all of the days that filled their life “pages” and recounted the fond memories that we have shared.

I knew then, that filling up those “pages” by sharing such a wonderful movie together was just as important as taking them out for the day.  Cuddle time is very special for all of us and we love to fill that time with Disney movies such as The Little Mermaid series.

The Little Mermaid II is another enchanting film, only this time we are introduced to the next generation of The Little Mermaid as we meet Ariel’s daughter.  Another adorable film to add to our Disney Princess Collection!  My girls and I love to watch these movies together while I am making dinner, but I had a hard time focusing on the chicken while this movie played.  I had to follow along, being sure not to miss one single detail as my eyes were glued to the television. What a delightful film to enjoy!

Watch The Little Mermaid II Clip

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