A while ago we moved.  I know most people know this as I use every opportunity possible to complain about the “fixer upper” we bought!

While we were moving, we were offered some leather sofas to replace our current fabric couches.

Many would think that decision was a no brainer!  Nice, leather sofas for free? But I was not sure.

I have three little daughters and – at the time – three active dogs to think of.  I worried that leather would be damaged by sharp claws and rambunctious kids with toys in their hands, shoes on their feet, and malice on their minds!

But, my husband argued, the dogs did not need to be on the couches anyway and the kids could be taught to only sit on them.

His argument, not mine!

I live in reality land!

But, to be honest, our fabric sofa had fared about as well as I though the leather ones would.  Though there were no holes and no visible damage, I could see crayon marks and dog hair and all of the little things that come from a family couch.  And though they were high quality fabric and fairly easy to clean, I did think that leather versus the milk bottles would be a better fit for us.

So the argument raged on – leather vs fabric – mommy vs daddy.

In the end, we decided to sell our fabric sofas and take the leather sofas.  Not necessarily because there was anything wrong with the fabric ones, but because the leather ones were free, and because my husband did not want to tell his mother no!

And I begrudgingly admit, I do like them and they are holding up just fine! Even with dogs on them and three crazy kids!

Did we make the right decision?  Do you prefer leather or fabric?


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