I have reviewed many a bottle of wine  on here and love discovering new, flavorful, robust wines.  I was online the other day and stumbled upon ‘bottlenotes’, a website for the wine lover in me!

I signed up for their daily newsletter, ‘The Daily Sip’ and was thrilled when I started getting them!  They are very informative and educational.  And if I am going to spend my money on a relaxing glass of wine, I like to know what others like too!

My favorite part of the website is the price per bottle and how they are rated!  I am sticking to the $15 and under right now but come holiday time, I might be looking for something more special for some friends!

If you love wine, or even if you just want to know more about wine, come join me by subscribing to ‘The Daily Sip’!  It is free to sign up and easy to Unsubscribe if you choose to!

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