I do it every single day.  Wait until the very last minute to get things done.  I goof off and play around with the kids, check my computer like an obsession, and find any reason in the world not to get done what I need to get done.

Laundry.  Dishes.  Sweeping.  Dusting.  Bed making. Toilet cleaning.  And on an on.

And then I look up, see the clock, and realize that is is 4:30pm, my husband will be home soon, and my house looks like something off the TV show, “The Cleaning Challenged.”

Begrudgingly most days, I stop whatever I am doing, and get to work.  I can not let the hubs come home to a messy house.  I just can’t.

I mean, seriously, I am alone with these kids 13- 14 hours a day.  You would think, in that time, I could clean the entire house!  Have it shining like the top of the Chrysler building – sorry, Annie flashback – and running like  a fine oiled machine.

But no… I fail daily.

And the worse part is, if my husband does come home and I have not at least looked like I have made an attempt, I see ‘that look’ on his face and it ruins my whole day.

So, why, pray tell, can I not get my house clean and keep it clean?  Why do I step over the same toy 5,698 times when all I have to do it pick it up?  Sure, there is a toy every 2 steps but still.

I am not a lazy person…  I don’t think.  And I am on top of everything else. And I adore a clean, sparkling house and want it clean.   So the desire is there!

The only conclusion I can come up with is that – as a stay at home mom – I have mastered the art of procrastination.  It has become a life skill.  Meant to protect me from the absolute boredom of daily household chores.  And evolutionary trait that could not be avoided, altered, or changed.

I simply can not help that I now wait til the last minute.

So, I embrace my new personality disorder with pride.  Like the mane of a lion, procrastination is now my badge of motherhood!  And secretly, I kinda have no desire to remove it.

So I happily announce that I will continue to play with my kids, run with my dogs, and find any other reason in the world not to do what I am supposed to be doing until the very last minute!

And take this opportunity to let everyone know that I will make it an art form. My life’s passion to be the best at it I can be.  Right after I go read some books to my kids.

And to my husband and that look that I get…  I love you honey, but from now on…  that is MRS. Procrastinator to you!