I have a lot to be thankful for, I really do.  Happy kids, a hard working husband, a roof over my head, and so much more.  I have more than some and less than most but enough for me.  And that is a reason to be thankful every day.

But what I am really thankful for this year is Thanksgiving.

The actual day.  The event. The occasion.  The reason I will be wearing my fat jeans to my parent’s house.

If it were not for the actual day, we might never find an excuse to dress up the girls, drive the two hours to my parent’s house, and be on our best behavior.  It would be just like any other trip where we show up in stained clothes, if we have not found a reason  – exhausted – to cancel, and would never be motivated to be on our p’s and q’s.

If it were not for the actual day, I might never have a day with my husband where he has nothing to do but be with us!  No work – though I am sure he’ll check his Blackberry 700 times tomorrow – no home improvement, no friends dropping by to polish off the last of the beer with him in the garage, no distractions.  Except the kids.  And my parents.  And TV.  But other than that, I get him all to myself.  Or at least in the same house for more than two hours!

If it were not for Thanksgiving, I might never have a reason to forgive him for working all the time, getting drunk in the garage and passing out – snoring like a bafoon – leaving me to deal with the kids – again – pack for the day trip, do the dishes, feed the dogs, try to figure out how I’ll get a shower, and other nuances to heading out of town for the day.   I have to let it go though, otherwise I wouldn’t be very grateful and thankful, now would I?

Thanksgiving also allows me to, in reality, have a sort of day off.  Yes, I will still have to tend to my kids.  Yes, I will have to take care of my hubby.  Yes, I will clean up for my Mom.  Yes, I will be tired and miss the beginning or end of every conversation trying to keep my Mom from doing everything.  But there will be no laundry – hopefully – no floors to mop – crossing fingers – and I will not be at my house.  Plus, my kids will have cousins to play with, Opa’s to climb on and Uncle’s to “play” pool with, so my job as Mo – Mo the clown is on hold.  My back is thankful for Thanksgiving too.

I get to pig out tomorrow without looks of “are you going to eat all of that?”, laugh at the attempt at family pictures with the kids – instead of wanting to stab my eyes out with a toothpick because I can’t get the perfect shot – and relax in the realization that I am truly wanted there.

I love that this day reminds me to pick up the phone and call a friend to send good wishes that I have not talked to in weeks.  That hugs are a little tighter.  Kisses are a little less “airy”.  And smiles are a tad more genuine.  I love that everyone looks forward to it, even thought it happens every year, and truly is joyful to be there.

I love this day.  And all of the burnt stuffing, undercooked Turkey, and watery cranberry sauce that goes with it!

Happy Thanksgiving All!