I went shopping yesterday with my girls.  We hit 3 stores and in 2 of them were, obviously, very young girls who were pregnant.  They were with their moms, nicely dressed, hair and make up done, super cute girls.

Not that there is a certain “class” or “type” of family that deals with teen pregnancy – we all know that is not true – but, I suppose I thought in the back of my head that my girls would always be immune because we really try to give them a good life.

Very naive, I know.

So, is it inevitable, with three girls, no matter how well rounded, self confident, and reassured they are, that at least one of my girls will end up pregnant before she is an adult?  Is this a reality that I am just going to have to face head on and be prepared for?

And would it even be the end of the world of that happened?

Drugs and alcohol, date rape, internet relationships, and bullying seem to me more dangerous that teen pregnancy.  But if I really think about it, I could literally cry at the thought of one of my babies becoming baby mommies.  And my oldest is 4!

Sure, we would be there for her.  Helping with the baby while she goes to school, pursues her dreams, and builds her life.  Because I can not imagine turning my back on my daughter and her child.  And we know that it would put our lives on hold… but what else can we do?

But does it have to happen?  Has teen pregnancy become so “acceptable” with shows like Teen Mom and Pregnant at 16 that the social stigma has been relaxed?  Is it now becoming a parental obligation to be accepting and responsible for the offspring of their own young offspring?

Or can we turn it around?  Can we teach our girls the incredible gift of waiting for sex and finding the right guy… at the right age… regardless of their hormones?

Can our voice be louder than the media’s?  Can we drown out the constant promoting and evident consent of teenage sex?  Even “G” rated ads on the internet feature half clad teen girls and boys in sultry poses, intending to play to our kids hormones.  And I have a feeling teenage boys with raging hormones are not thinking clearly about the consequences.  At least not clearly enough to be the rational one.

How  do I compete with that?

I have no idea.  Because I have a feeling that being raised in a “good” home, high on values and God, with unconditional love and respect, will not be barrier enough to prevent what seems to be inevitable now.

That in 10 years or so…  I might be called Grandma.