Create a ThankList Video or Message and Tell Others You Care in a Simple Way + WIN a $100 Visa Gift Card

**This conversation is in partnership with American Greetings and SheKnows. All opinions are my own.** #ThankList ad Saying Thank You seems like such a small thing. But in reality, those two words can make the day of anyone who hears them. Whether getting an unexpected card in the mail or a message online, everyone smiles [...]

Don’t tell me I didn’t really give birth because I had a C-Section

Shaming women who have C-sections is ridiculous and needs to stop! A knife cut through my skin, muscle, tissue and uterus so that my daughter and I could live. It did the same two more times for my other two daughters. Recovery was painful and exhausting paired with the care of newborns and not much [...]

I am an Expert Among Us for

There are honors bestowed on people sometimes that there are just no words for. Today, it was confirmed by an announcement on the web that I have been chosen - yes, little old me - to be an Expert Among Us on one of the top websites out there,! As a blogger, opportunities mesh [...]

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