Start taking care of you with Garnier® Whole Blends™ + WIN a $100 Visa Gift Card

In the spirit of Mother's Day, Garnier® Whole Blends™ continue to remind us of our unique beauty. Photo by: Lori Pace/ If you had told me years ago that becoming a mother to three little girls in three years would change the way I take care of myself, I would have called you [...]

My C-section flap is the most beautiful thing on my body #skexperts

I am an Expert Among Us for Find all of my articles on my page The C-section flap can cause so many body image issues. But in reality, it is the most beautiful thing I have on my body.  All along in all of my three pregnancies, I hoped for vaginal births. I [...]

2016-05-11T15:35:44-05:00By |Raising Daughters|2 Comments

I am an Expert Among Us for

There are honors bestowed on people sometimes that there are just no words for. Today, it was confirmed by an announcement on the web that I have been chosen - yes, little old me - to be an Expert Among Us on one of the top websites out there,! As a blogger, opportunities mesh [...]

2016-05-11T15:35:56-05:00By |Raising Daughters|1 Comment
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