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Shielding My Daughters and Lessons Learned – Daddy Edition

Written by Series Guest Blogger, Brooks Weatherspoon, a father of twin 12 year old girls that will give us insight into A Day in Fatherhood! In the world of parenting, what we think is correct is often incorrect. Some of us learn this the hard way, and others learn from experience of a loved one. Pretty [...]

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Raising a Particular Daughter

Each of my daughters has their own little personality, their own peculiarities and their own unique ideas for how they want to do things. Most of the time I find them incredibly adorable. But sometimes – usually when I am running late or am distracted by work or chores – raising a particular daughter can [...]

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Mother of the Year

 *Originally published November 29, 2010* On Thanksgiving,  I got up at 6:30, showered – WOOHOO – dressed, complained about my hair in the mirror, complained about my weight in the mirror, and wondered where all the wrinkles came from.  But I also ran my list of all that I have and took a moment to [...]

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