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‘The Best Mom in the World’

My kids tell me I’m the best mom in the world.  And every time I hear it, I am overwhelmed with joy that they feel that way. And then I feel bad.  Because I know that sometimes I am not. Sometimes I am too busy to stop everything and read countless books, them curled in [...]

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Maternal Instinct… or Lack Thereof…

When it comes to maternal instinct – let’s just say I am “instinctual challenged”.  I really have no knack for parenting nor do I have the ability to develop said knack.  In fact, on any given day I can be heard cursing the Man upstairs who gave me the ability to pour drinks, bake cookies and fill out a [...]

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My Favorite Mother Daughter Pendant

**Affiliate links are included. All Amazon Associate TOS are being met.** I am at home missing my girls as they are with their dad. So, to beat the blues, I grabbed my computer and started looking for birthday gifts for my 5 year old who will be 6 in a month. Along the way, I [...]

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Motherhood Nation: Admitting We Are Lonely

Come join the revolution of support and truth in motherhood!  Submit your Guest Post Ideas to my Contact Me Form! Being a mom can be a challenge that is draining in it’s own right. The schedule of handling kids, the house, the finances, the shopping, and life in general can be exhausting. Not to mention the emotional [...]

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Raising Daughters Despite the Fears

I have accepted the fact that I have many…. many….  irrational fears about raising my daughters.  I still check on them at night to make sure they are breathing and I still cut their grapes into tiny pieces so that they don’t choke on them. Friends sometimes make fun of me but I take it. [...]

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