Just about everyone I have ever known has played the game Taboo and most of them loved it. The one complaint? Keeping up with all the scoring. It is kind of like Monopoly used to be. You love playing but dealing with the points is a pain in the neck. Well now you can have all the things you loved about Taboo in a nice, compact and automated package. That is right… I said automated…as in automatic scoring. No game pieces. No mess. No fussing. It is all in one little compact machine.

Taboo Buzzd Game Review

The moment I got this awesome game I wanted to tear into it. I threw in the batteries and quickly perused the super easy instructions. The game is pretty much the same as Taboo. You get a word, along with three “Taboo” words that you are not allowed to say. You the have to try to get the other team to guess your word without using a Taboo word. If you do use a Taboo word, the other team buzzes in and you lose a point. The winner is the team that has the most points at the end of six rounds.

Best of all, every single part of the game mentioned above is kept up with by the machine. You are free to have fun without worrying about accurate scoring and such. Because the scoring is automated and there are no game pieces, there is also no cleanup. The machine is about the size of both of your hands.

My absolute favorite part of playing this game is the fact that we will be able to take it on trips. This game is perfect for the road trips we like to take. They can guess and play riding down the road without having to bring anything else along. It is the perfect road trip game for kids or adults. All in all, I give Taboo Buzzd an A+!

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