You guys know I love smart, educational, creative, fun games that my kids and I can play together.  There is really nothing more I look forward to than spreading out on the living room floor and listening to my kids laugh and play with me.  The family time together is invaluable.

But how does a parent know what kinds of games are good to not only help you bond, but help kids with their social skills, brain developmental and critical thinking?

Ring Bling

The Super Duper Publications eCatalogue has previously only be available to licensed therapists to use with kids who needed a little extra help.  And I am SO GLAD that they have now opened the games, toys and more to parents of all kids so that we can play and help our kids develop important skills as well!  And those with a learning disability — like dyslexia – who need another layer of support to learn best outside of the school, check out the Super Duper option online. It’s a castle, literally, full of wonderful learning tools, designed and written by large staff of certified learning experts, disguised as fun and games from Super Duper(r) Publications.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on Ring Bling, The Handy Game of Following Directions.   Recommended for kids ages 5 and up, even my 3 year old got into the spirit and had a blast!  What I love about this game is that it caught my kids attention and held it throughout.  In addition, there are three ways to play so when we get bored, we just play a different way!

This game was a hit from the moment the box arrived at the door.  Why I love it:  A) there are rings involved…. I have three girls who asked for jewelry for Valentine’s Day!, B) the directions they have to follow to earn a ring are HYSTERICAL – like Kiss a Slimy Frog, and C) I had a blast playing it as well!

Ring Bling

We played this game in all three versions before the kids even were bored with it.  The basic premise is an “earn your ring by following directions’.  Or you can take away rings by following directions.  And you can play another variation without the spinner too!  So much fun and so much great interaction for kids and parents, alike!

The more I look at the Super Duper Publications and Website, the more I find things that I want to enjoy with my kids.  I know if you take some time you can find something amazing to help your kids with their skills and you with your desire for those amazing, heartwarming, family moments!