On hot summer days it sometimes seems like there are not enough toys, games and television shows to help kids escape the Summer Slide! You know, the moment when ‘Moooooommmmmmm, I’m booorrreeeeddd!’ slips from their lips sending you into an anxiety filled though process that sometimes can be fruitless! Well, one of my favorite brands for educational games, Super Duper Publications,  has games that will help prevent the summertime blues and education your kids as well!

Super Duper Educational Games

I was the lucky recipient of Sentence Fill-In Fun Deck and Say and Glue. Other games include:  Grammar Chipper Chat, Granny’s Candies, and Understanding Sentences. All of the games are fun and kids probably won’t even know that they are educational!

My girls are amazing readers. I am a HUGE advocate of opening a book and reading it cover to cover. But with reading comes the need for comprehension. So any ‘game’ that can promote that is a winner with me! Games like the Sentence Fill in Fun Deck can offer much needed review for those who struggle with reading, auditory processing and language.  Better yet, these boxed games and fun decks go anywhere — sitting in a restaurant, waiting at the airport or playing in the backyard with siblings.

Super Duper Educational Games

My 7 year old really loves this one and I find her sometimes sitting alone, card in hand, trying to figure out which adverb, adjective or noun goes in the blank. The cards give kids 3 options of choices and each card tells a story. My 6 year old is interested and they work together to figure it out! As a mom, these are the best moments!

The Say and Glue offers help on a whole other skill set! It promotes coloring, cutting, gluing and story telling that can entertain and enhance my kid’s skill sets. My 4 year old is really into this one as she has her own kid scissors now. My 6 year old loves to help her and, together, they create really cool things!

Anything that I can reach up on the shelf and get down to help my kids get over the summer slump is a winner with me. Super Duper ALWAYS has the best games, educational tool and more to help me encourage my kids to learn in disquise over the hot summer months!

Super Duper Educational Games

To help you with your kids, ONE of my readers will WIN their choice of Say and Glue, Sentence Fill-In Deck, or the Understanding Sentences deck! You choose when you win! Giveaway Ends 6/29/2014. Open to US and Canadian Residents, 18+. 

Just enter below and GOOD LUCK! 

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