I saw a news report the other day talking about the fact that Walmart is going to start selling make- up designed for 8 year old girls.


Surely they were kidding.  Maybe it was an idea and not a true happening.  But no, it is real.  Make – up for 8 year olds.

It brought back memories of a report I heard years ago about a company who made thong underwear for toddlers.  Yes, you read that right.  Thong underwear for toddlers and little girls.


As a mother of 3 young daughters, I want to stand up, after hearing about these items, and scream “STOP IT AMERICA!”  What in the world are we thinking to steal yet more innocence from our children?

As if our kids are not growing up fast enough?  With sex talk and acts taking place in elementary and junior high schools, children parading around in mid drift shirts and mini skirts at age 6, and kids movies having definite adult undercurrents and comments.  “I like your “ascot”….  really?

I am sick of it!  Stop trying to take my girl’s childhood from them!  Please!  I am having a hard enough time teaching them self respect and self approval without having these things introduced to them when they are so young!

Look, kids have only, what -18 years to be a “young”?  And with peer pressure, media exposure, and their own battles with who they are centering around their teen years, their innocence lessens it even more.  So, why, pray tell, are companies trying to make their childhood even shorter?

Are we that hard up for money?  That we have to exploit our children’s youth to make some?  It is disgusting enough that child pedophilia is on the rise, child pornography still makes billions a year, and internet predators get smarter by the day.  Why in the world would I dress up my 8 year old in mascara and lipstick and send her out to be exploited even more?

So, as a concerned mother to 3 young daughters, trying to navigate them through the competitive world of popularity contests, self image fragility, and learning to stand up for themselves – STOP IT AMERICA!

Cherish the innocence of the young!  And instead of making them grow up too fast, make your money learning a thing or two about respecting their childhoods!