I would like to take a moment to send a special noted THANK YOU to Tori Spelling (http://www.torianddean.com/; Twitter page), Ciera (http://mycoasahm.blogspot.com/) and Staci (http://camachohouse.blogspot.com/).

These three ladies have changed the course of my week by retweeting my blog, posting it to their pages with VERY, VERY nice and humbling intros and bringing new readers to A Day in Motherhood!

When I started this blog, it was for my own sanity.  A way for me to express my emotions, fears, frustrations and laughter.  I was thrilled and honored when my good friends told me it was half way decent.  In fact, some of my most amazing compliments I have received are “I needed a good laugh so I went to your blog!” and “You have the best lines ever!  I laugh so hard! ” 

In true honesty, I have always felt sort of alone in my parenting.  I’d pry friends for advice and guidance but always felt like they had better success than I at implementing that advice.  I never want to bother my husband with my complaints, which seem many and often and I always felt guilt in my inability to get it all together.

But my blog has become my release.  And now, seeing so many Moms who can relate or laugh or understand makes me feel less alone and more like another lady struggling with the hardest job out there!  And everything seems better when you KNOW you are not alone!

So thank you, to these ladies, my very good friends who have been here through every little hill and valley – you KNOW who you are!! – and to my followers, both from the beginning and new now!

Without you all – I would have to sell my car to pay for a therapist!  And traveling with 3 kids on a bicycle does not sound like a good time to me!