My house is full of granite and stainless steel.  It is in every bathroom and the kitchen!  I truly love it but keeping it clean can be a challenge.  Especially for my dark granite in my kitchen!

So when I receive the advanced formula of a trusted name I use anyway – Soft Scrub – in the mail, especially designed for my special surfaces, I was all over excited about it!

Soft Scrub Advanced Surface

Here is what is super cool about NEW Soft Scrub Advanced Surface Cleaner and Polish.  This is a RINSE-FREE gel that cleans and polished granite, marble, glass surfaces and stainless steel.  Yes, no rinse!  Which means that you use it and walk away!  Not only does it clean up tough stains, but every time you use it, it polishes and protects as well!

You can get more information on this awesome product on

Or you can see how awesome it worked on MY tough stains and delicate surfaces!

Soft Scrub Advanced Surface

 I L O V E this stuff!  I have wipes and other cleaners for my delicate surfaces but this leaves it shinier, cleaner and without streaks!  I highly recommend any granite or stainless owner to try out New Soft Scrub Advanced Surface!

And because I believe in it so much, (3) of my readers will WIN a FREE product coupon!  Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

**I received the product above for review purposes only.  All opinions and writings are my own.  Please see my Disclosure Statement for more information.**

Soft Scrub Advanced Surface FREE Coupon – 3 Winners