If you have read this blog at all in the last three years you know that my dogs are treated just like my children. I adore my Bud and my Piper (can you believe I rescued her almost a year ago!?).  Since we love them so much, we also know that walks are important for a dogs health and well being. Though it can be a chaotic experience, we do love to hook our dogs up and take them on walks. Leashes that my dogs are on need to be high quality. I don’t want them breaking and my dogs heading off into traffic and I want to be able to rely on the stop button on a retractable that works in an instant. But when I received the Snapshot Leash by 26 Bars and a Band, I realized I wanted something else too. Style and a personal touch! 

Snapshot Leash

I can not tell you how many times I have taken my dogs to a dog park or the vet or the groomers and then not been able to find the leash that we brought in. Nylon ones are OK to lose but if you have a nice retractable, you don’t want to be replacing those!

Here is the beauty of Snapshot…  it lets me put a photo of my dog right in the leash! How fun is this? I just copied a favorite photo of my dog, Bud, cut it to size and taped it inside the case of the leash. I can now easily find my dog’s leash anywhere we go! Plus the kids think it is ‘awesome’ that Bud is on a leash.

Snapshot Leash

I can think of so many ways that this can be beneficial to a loving dog owner.  Substitute your dog’s photo for his name and address in case you ever drop the leash and the dog bolts, leash and all. This used to happen with my Beagle, Ali, who passed a few years ago. She would take off, retractable leash attached and all. If someone came across her, they could step on the leash as opposed to having to get under her collar and see who she was and where she belonged!

I just love this idea. Any dog lover will. A personalized leash with a Snapshot is an awesome stocking stuffer for the pet lover in your family and circle of friends!

26 Bars and a Band

I am also completely impressed with 26 Bars and a Band as a company.  Nine years ago, when Mike and Sandi set out to design pet accessories,they were led by a singular vision: to create products that inspired them. Of course, inspiration same from home. As owners of 4 rescue pets, they were disappointed by the product offerings in leashes, collars, and harnesses. Often, the products were serviceable, but the design aspects lacked any wow factor. It dawned on them with their complimentary “numbers” and “design” professional background, they could do better. Their entry into highly competitive pet product market began with the Avant Garde retractable leash collection, which signified their brand as daring and forward- thinking. I love companies that think outside of the box and put design and functionality as top priorities. It really shows in this high- quality Snapshot leash that I proudly walk my dogs on today!

Snapshot Leash

If you are a pet lover and want to walk your dog with style and function, get a Snapshot leash! I know you will love it as much as me – and my dogs – love ours!

To help get you started, snap a photo of your pet and then enter to WIN a Snapshot Leash of your very own! Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!!


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