Pictures of my kids are fun.  But pictures of my kids with extra adornments is just plain hysterical!

Do this now!  Trust me!  LOL

Download Snaps! NOW Free to your iPhone or Android and start taking and sharing photos with your kids that you will instantly love.  But here is the super fun twist!

Snaps! lets you add fun characters, borders and more to the photo to make it that much more fun!  Check out my Sarah as The Lorax!

Snaps! App

And Megan smiling at her little lamb!

Snaps! App

I mean, come on -this is just so cool and fun and may get your kids to smile for those photos that you never thought you would get!

Here are the basics of how it works.  Download the FREE app from the iTunes or Play store and sign up for a FREE account.  Then link your Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Once that is done go the Campaigns page and you can scroll through TONS of themes.  From Spring Fling to Dr. Seuss to Tony Hawk to Celebrity Spotted (want to do Gangham Style with Ellen and Britney Spears?) to NASCAR and more!  The themes are endless and fun!

I, personally, am bringing Sexy Back….  ROFL!

Snaps! App

Once you have your character/ icon/ etc, just move it in the photo where you want and then snap your photo!

After the picture is snapped, you can automatically send it to your social media sites!  Plus, with every theme you use, you can earn rewards!  Your photo can be features on the Snaps! Facebook page or you can get a special deal on kids books and on and on.

This has to be the MOST fun I have had with picture taking in a while!  Get your FREE app and start sharing today!


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