If there is anything that this summer has taught me it is that play dates are not always a guarantee!  Plus the reality that friends and family travel, have other plans, are enjoying their own summer and so on makes it almost impossible to get any help with the kids when I need it.

So I am checking out something I have seen advertised on TV, online and on Facebook!   Care.com provides busy moms with nannies and sitters that are mom approved and have extensive background checks.

I don’t know about you, but the very first thing I do when I am looking for a sitter is ask other moms.  I value their opinions more than anything.  This site puts a bunch of moms in a place where I can contact and converse and find a good sitter in my area that also has background checks!  Can’t get that interviewing the teen down the street!

The website provides a trusted place for families and care providers to easily connect, share caregiving experiences, and get advice. The company addresses the unique lifecycle of care needs that each family may go through — including child care, special needs care, tutoring, senior care, pet care, housekeeping and more. The service enables families to find and select the best care possible based on detailed profiles, background checks, and references for hundreds of thousands of mom-reviewed providers who are seeking to share their services.

Check them out!  It is FREE to sign up!  I am searching around now for some help this weekend!

If you have had an experience with Care.com, I would love to hear it!

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