This is a MUST HAVE for online shoppers! I LOVE it!!!

I can not stand it when I buy something online and then a day or two later, I see a post or happen to pass the deal again and it is less!  Because then I go on the mad hunt for the receipt and, of course, I can never find it, and then I just get a little ticked.  Because most sites will rebate the difference if an item goes on sale within a certain time period of purchasing it.

ShopSanity solves this.

AND, my second pet peeve about shopping online is wanting to return an item, or cash in a rebate, and not being able to find my email receipt in my mess of an inbox!

ShopSanity Solves This!

Well, someone heard me kick my toe against my desk, thus yelping in pain, and has created a website that tracks all of my online sales FOR ME!! (clearly created by an online shopper), is a site that will track my orders, their scheduled delivery, keep my receipt and it WILL ALERT ME TO A SALE ON AN ITEM I HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED!!

And it is FREE to anyone who has a GMail or Yahoo mail account.  So the no brainer is, open an account for Free with one of these email servers and start making your online purchases through that email so that ShopSanity can save you more money and erase your online receipt headaches all at once!  And it only takes 2 clicks to sign up!

Your welcome!  :D

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