What is a Secret Gift Giveaway???

We have brainstormed on a fun way to show our appreciation to all of the readers of A Day in Motherhood and ISave A 2 Z this holiday season! The team at A Day in Motherhood has gathered 40+ items for you to enjoy and here’s what you *might* find in the packages…

Gifts for MOM, DAD, TEENS, BABY, FAMILY, GIRLS, BOYS, STOCKINGS full of goodies, KITCHEN GEAR, and many other fun holiday items (most items are not holiday related)!

ISave A 2 Z is a partnering Blogger in this venture. She has an amazing site full of crafts, recipes and deals! We have worked together on several projects – she is my Pinterest Queen –  in the past and we feel very fortunate that she is part of this giveaway!

So, here is the teaser…

secret gift giveaway

The (1) Winner will receive a box that includes all of these wrapped gifts! You will not know who it is for, so this is a family-fun activity for you to laugh while you decide who is the best “fit” for the gift. Dad could open something that is clearly for MOM, and one unlucky person will even open up coal! The person who receives the coal is responsible for cleaning up the wrapping paper :)

This is just for fun and so you know how much we appreciate the readers of A Day in Motherhood and ISave A 2 Z!

Giveaway Open to US Residents, 18+. Giveaway Ends 12/8/2013

Congratulations to our winner: Kelley H.!!!  Enjoy!

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