Let’s eat! That is what my Great-Grandmother used to say after the blessing at every meal! We would all laugh at it but, to this day, I think of it after we say the blessing here. Despite the witty saying, however, no one wants to eat if the food is not good! Thanks to Gorton’s, lunch and dinner around here is wicked good!


My kids have always loved Gorton’s Fish Sticks. So it only seemed natural to choose some of their other products to enjoy as well! I headed to the store and got some Sandwich Fish Fillets, Battered Fish Fillets and some of their new items. I love the Garlic and Herb Fillets over a crisp green salad! Just cook them, cut them up and toss them over the top!

For me, lunch time is the most challenging part of the day. I have a hard time stopping to make something to eat. But with Gorton’s Sandwich Fillets, I have new inspiration! I just pop one in the convection oven, add it to some good wheat breads, top it with cheese and a tomato slice, add my Herbed Cucumber And Yogurt Tzatziki sauce to the top and wala. A great sandwish with little effort! The crunchy of the fish with the creamy of the sauce is awesome!

How do y0u like yuir wicked good seafood?

Now, we all know I love sweepstakes so here is one that is AWESOME!

Head over to the Gorton’s Wicked Good Seafood Sweepstakes page and enter! You could WIN a trip to Boston! It is just as easy as entering your info!


How fun is that?