Our family loves movie night, so I was very happy to find 2 new movies on my doorstep the other day. The first was Chief Wilson, the newest release in the Chuggington series.

Chuggington Chief Wilson DVD

While Chuggington is huge with the preschool crowd, I have to admit, my 7 year old is still a fan. Joshua LOVES all things train. The new disc did not disappoint, with 6 episodes, 2 from the new TV season. Josh loved to see the latest goings on with Wilson, along with his buddies Brewster and Koko. He has re-watched the movies, and can’t wait to share them with his little cousin on our next visit. It’s so great to have a series that he enjoys, that does not include whining and misbehaving for laughs. If your little one loves trains, Chief Wilson will be a hit in your household too!

Included in this release is a 16-page Chuggington activity book with adorable stickers and a 1-year subscription to one of 6 magazines.

The second movie in our set was Saving Santa. I love Christmas. I mean, love. I mean, I was one of THOSE people, listening to Christmas music while my kids were still in their Halloween costumes. Every year,  Santa brings us a new Christmas movie. 11 years into this tradition, we have them all, or so it seems. We were excited to have something new to watch! We got to meet Bernard, an elf with big dreams to join Santa’s elite team of great inventors. Things don’t go as planned, and a series of events unfolds that requires him to become a time traveling elf on a mission to get Santa home in time for Christmas. The movie was funny- for all of us, from the 7 and 11 year old, to my husband and myself. We actually found ourselves laughing out loud while we watched.

saving santa dvd

Oh, and Josh wanted me to make sure I told everyone, there’s a train in this movie too.

It is difficult at times to find a fun movie for the whole family. Saving Santa will be on our Christmas movie list for years to come.

To make your holidays a little more fun, we’re giving away a movie pack that includes Chief Wilson and Saving Santa! Just enter below and GOOD LUCK!

Congratulations to our winner, Fawn U.!!

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