RUN to your local Brookstone store TODAY and get the Rover 2.0 App – Controlled Wireless Spy Tank NOW!  Why?  Because this thing is flipping COOL!  Not just fun.  Not just the best way to capture photos and videos of moments that every mom will cherish.  But because it is flipping COOL!

Rover 2.0

Have you ever heard your kids playing in the other room, maybe a game of baby doll or teaching school?  You just know it is the cutest thing in the world and you want to capture that moment to savor forever.  You know, before the fighting starts and it is all over?  So you grab you camera, your phone or your tablet and you run to capture the moment only to have the kids see you and commence said fight just because they see you paying attention?

Happens daily around here!

But what if you could have a little camera that captures video and stills, let’s you record the sounds of the reading of Good Night Moon in little voices, that you can use your iPhone, iPad or Android device to drive into the room and record?  How COOL would that be?

The Rover 2.0 does just that.  This tank carries the technology to record videos, snap photos, record audio, let you talk through it, night vision, built in headlights, camera angle control and uploads your photos and videos to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. And it is all done by a FREE app that you can get at the iTunes store or Google Play Markets.

Rover 2.0

Now, I have had this most incredibly fun thing to have in my house for a few weeks now.  And though I still need driving lessons, I love to pull up the app on my Android tablet, set the wireless sync to the Rover 2.0 and drive it around capturing pictures of little feet and sounds of childhood that I have always missed before.  And, honestly, from looking at the manual to this, I have only scratched the surface with all of the cool things it can do!

Ok -so here is one of my first videos which was taken at night in Stealth mode.  It proves that a) I can not drive, my critics were right, b) I often forget to hit audio to get the noises and c) my dog scares easily!  Enjoy:

Basically, from the free app, I can control everything from  up to 200 feet away.  I can sit on the couch, maneuver this sleek little technologically advanced mommy toy {I’m not sharing with ANYONE!} down the hallway, into my kids rooms, hit record and speaker and they never know the wiser.

Well, until they do see it and then we play the game of “Make it roll over my feet, Mommy!”.

The Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank is so fun, exciting, unique, interesting, somewhat addictive, and – in case I have not mentioned this before – COOL, that everyone should have one NOW!

If you order by December 19, 2012, you can still get FREE Ground Shipping on orders over $99 from AND get a $50 Wine Credit to use too!  ORDER TODAY and thrill that tech junkie, the kids, and yourself with this innovative and functional Tank that can add take the words “I missed it!” out of your vocabulary!

Rover 2.0

And because Brookstone is SO AWESOME, (1) of my readers will WIN a Rover 2.0 for themselves!  Now, I can not guarantee delivery by Christmas {totally my wrapped up on my whole life and time snuck up on me fault} so DON’T wait to see if you win before you go buy this thing!   Buy it NOW online or in stores and then you have 2.  One for you and one for someone else!

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