If you buy one Father’s Day or Family Gift this year, buy Rollors Lawn Game!  Why?  Because this game is AWESOME!  And it is not just me who thinks so!  My neighbors played it at my recent cookout and they loved it too!  From a young child to great grandfather, this game is for the whole family!

Rollors Lawn Game

I can not tell you how much fun this game is.  Think Boccee Ball meets Washers.  Only more fun, more family friendly and more addicting.  And this game will last your family for years and years to come.

One of the things I love about this game is the history of it.  Created by an active military father who was looking for a great way for his family to spend quality time together, Matt Butler worked to create a durable toy that has an old time feel but a modern ‘spin’.

Rollors Lawn Game

The game is simple.  Whomever can roll their game piece closest to the pylon, racking up points as they go, and gets to 21 first, wins.  Pretty easy, right?

The game comes complete with solid wooden pylons, one in red, one in blue.  It contains six game pieces, three in red and three in blue.  And there is a string that attaches to the top of the pylon for easy measuring of who’s marker got closest.  The entire game is in a durable carrying case that easily stores.

Rollors Lawn Game

We set the game up in a matter of minutes, formed the battling teams and off we went.  Laughter, fun and stomping up and down then someone did not get close enough – OK, that’s an exaggeration… there was only pouting – ensued.  Just the kind of togetherness you want to promote with a toy or game for your family.

I HIGHLY recommend this new lawn game to any and all families.  Whether you want to play with mom and dad, your children or friends at a Summer Bar B Que, this is the perfect addition to a fun and memorable time.

Rollors Lawn Game

You can purchase Rollors online at Amazon and other retail locations.  Learn more about it, see its NUMEROUS Awards and video on the Rollors Website!  Be sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter too!


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