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Hello and welcome to my home!  I welcome you with open arms to teach my children through song, books, and movies.  But, beware… now that I have found you, I may never let you leave!

I am SO excited to share this wonderful website and it’s educational, fun, unique products with you!  This is a website that you will utilize from early childhood through elementary school and even into junior high!  I can clearly see why, after having the wonderful DVD “Getting Ready for Kindergarten” in my home for a week, that is so highly recommended by teachers and educators everywhere! offers educational DVD’s, musical CD’s and Books, and even iPad apps that can be used in the home or schools to introduce new skills, sharpen skills children already have, or help a parent or teacher educate in a fun way when a child is stumped!

DVD’s are available for Early Learning, Languages, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  They even offer a Test Prep DVD Collection specially designed to help your child or student with standardized testing preparations.  Orders can be placed for individual items or at a discount as a collection!  I now want the Preschool and Kindergarten DVD Collection!

I love this site!

We received the “Getting Ready For Kindergarten” DVD about a week ago!  From the moment I popped it into the DVD player, my girls were hooked!  They met Joey and Jill and followed them through the morning routine of getting ready for school – including a detailed explanation of how to tie their  shoes and make their bed!  What Mom does not want those skills learned?

Songs and easy to remember instruction led them through using the rest room, drawing themselves, writing their letters – upper and lower case – and learning their left from their right.  They learn shapes, patterns, size comparisons, and even asking permission and walking in a line!

All skills that will be needed in Kindergarten.  And all skills that my kids are already using today.  This DVD has quickly become the number one requested DVD during family TV time every day.  Yes, I have now seen it seven times.  And every time, I am amazed at yet another skill, or song, or understanding my girls learn.  Now Sarah says, almost daily, “Katie is going to Kindergarten and I will go next year.”  In fact, the other day, Katie said she wanted to go to Kindergarten instead of preschool.  I am not ready for her to go – by any means – but it does help knowing she will not be scared and unprepared!

I highly recommend to you and your children.  You will not be disappointed in their creative, educational, high quality products!  In fact, after your first purchase –  or WIN – and watching the learning skills your child developes, you will go back again and again for other fantastic products!

Now that I have completely sold you on this wonderful, award winning site and their highly acclaimed products, let’s find out how to get you some!

You can BUY any educational DVD, music CD, or IPad app at  All DVD’s are very reasonably priced at $19.99 and audio CD’s and Books run from $12.99 to $19.99 for 2 disc sets.  The Rock ‘N Learn Collections are discounted and priced from $53.99 to $84.99.  Plus, you can order the Ultimate DVD Collection, which includes 28 DVD’s for $446.99  – a GREAT gift for families with multiple kids at different educational levels!

OR – you can order through me and save 25% off ANY order!  Use the Code 
at checkout! That translates to big savings on DVD’s, CD’s and Books,
 and huge savings on collections!  

And now to the giveaway!
One Lucky Winner will get any one DVD of their choice from!

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