Well – I told you RockNLearn.com was never leaving my house!

I LOVE this site and it’s amazing educational products!  So here I happily am again, singing the praises of RockNLearn.com and proudly hosting 2 Giveaways!  YES – 2!

This time, I got to try out two products!  The Spanish Volume I & II DVD and the Spanish Volume I CD and Book plus the Spanish Volume II CD and Book.

Happy dance.

Ok, sorry, back to it!

I think it is very important for children to be exposed to other languages as soon as possible.  So even though the DVD was not animated, and the CD and Books were recommended for ages 6 and up, I still wanted them for my children.  With their love of Dora cemented, I wanted to show them that there was more to the Spanish language than vaminose and triángulo.

With little hope that it would hold their attention long, I popped in the DVD and pretended it was for me.  They protested and begged for Getting Ready for Kindergarten but I pushed through.  In just a few minutes, they were up with me, bouncing to the music, trying to say the words.  They did last for a while and then scampered off to play.  But I kept watching, hoping I might learn something too.

Later that day, I popped one of the CD’s into my car’s player (hear a sample here!).  The girls asked me what it was and I said “Spanish!”.  “Ooohhh, Spanish!”  And they listened.  Then requested the “Spanish” CD on the way home.  And now we play it everywhere we go!  I love that.  I really do.  I want my children to be well rounded and understand that there are different languages and different cultures out there to learn about.

We have now added parts of the two books that came with the CD’s to our reading selections and I love hearing the little voices repeating the words back to me.  I keep it simple and I think it is making a difference.  Sarah came up to me the other day and said she loved her mi familia!  I laughed out loud as her small Texas twang finagled the words, but was secretly patting myself on the back for choosing these products to enter my home!

RockNLearn.com, you have done it again!  You have provided my family with a quality, highly educational, interesting product…  or products.  And I am very proud to recommend, once again, this website and all of their amazing educational DVD’s, CD’s and Books for your family to enjoy!  AND they offer iPad apps as well to help you teach your child!

So, who wants a language DVD?  Or a CD/ Book Set about the Alphabet?  From the amazing Telling Time DVD to the fun and upbeat Addition and Subtraction Rap, there is something for everyone!

There are two ways to enjoy these DVD, CD’s and Books, and iPad Apps that not only teach your children, but get them up and dancing around while they learn!


You can BUY any educational DVD, music CD, or IPad app at www.rocknlearn.com.  All DVD’s are very reasonably priced at $19.99 and audio CD’s and Books run from $12.99 to $19.99 for 2 disc sets.  The Rock ‘N Learn Collections are discounted and priced from $53.99 to $84.99.  Plus, you can order the Ultimate DVD Collection, which includes 28 DVD’s for $446.99  – a GREAT gift for families with multiple kids at different educational levels!

OR – you can order through me and save 25% off ANY order!  Use the Code
at checkout! That translates to big savings on DVD’s, CD’s and Books,
and huge savings on collections!

And now to the giveawayS!
One Lucky Winner will get any one DVD of their choice from RockNLearn.com
One Lucky Winner will get Any One CD and Book of their choice from RockNLearn.com!

The first winner chosen by random generator will get the DVD,
the second will get the CD/Book Set!

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Giveaway ends 2/28/2011 at 11:59pm CST.

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PLEASE join me in thanking RockNLearn.com once again for this Very Generous Giveaway!
** I received a DVD and 2 CD and Book sets for review from RockNLearn.com for this post.  Your experience with the website and products may differ from mine.  All opinions and writings within are mine and can not be used without prior permission.**