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And those awards are for just ONE of‘s Educational Products!

I LOVE  ROCKNLEARN.COM… and I am clearly not alone!

Do you really need me to go further or does that pretty much sum it up? has done it again!  They have amazed me with their entertaining, educational, easy teaching methods in their multi award winning DVD “Money and Making Change“.

I think everyone would like their children to understand about money, the difference between the coins and how to most efficiently count it at the earliest age they can.    I know I want my girls to have the basics as soon as possible!  If not for them, but also for me so that it is easier to teach them the appreciation of that money later on.

Before “Money and Making Change” arrived – quickly – in the mail, my girls thought every coin was a penny and every dollar was a million dollar!  I WISH!  They came out from watching it just once and were trying to count by 10’s.  Now, after watching it several times, both my 3 and 4 year old can do it with no effort!  And count by 2’s, and tell me what a dime is versus a quarter, and so much more.

It is remarkable how these products really do keep kids entertained and teach them something really valuable at the same time.  In this 58 minute DVD, Penny and Bill take children through the basic concepts of money.  They learn to count pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollars.  They look at other forms of money, learn to write money, play games that help teach how to know if you have enough money, sing addictive songs, and so on and on and on!

Six awards and one very happy, satisfied Mom proves what I have been saying since first being introduced to and their amazing products:’s DVD’s, CD/Books, and iPad Apps should be in every home where children live or visit!  It is truly remarkable!

And speaking of iPad apps, now offers Phonics Easy Reader Apps for iPad on iTunes!  At a thrifty $1.99 each, you can sit and snuggle your small tot and teach them phonics at the same time.  That is a win – win for everyone!  With two modes, “Read To Me” or “Let Me Try”, early readers will be glued to the iPad, swiping pages and finding memory words within the story.  A perfect activity for kids while mom is making dinner!  And as soon as I get an iPad, I am downloading every single app!

Now I know that you guy are ready to get your hands on the most amazing educational DVD’s and CD/ Books that have already taught my children to:

Tie their shoes.

Match clothes when dressing themselves.

Help them identify upper and lower case letters.

Speak many words and phrases in Spanish.

Identify Spanish words and match them to pictures.

Count in 2’s and 10’s -so far.

Identify almost all coins on sight.

AND – provide an entertaining, game playing, dancing, happy time to learn while I get things done!

And this is just a TAD of what they are learning every time they watch a video or listen to a CD!

Now that you have even more evidence that getting these products into your home is more than well worth it, how about helping you along with a coupon code?

Save 25% on your purchase of products with discount code jq7711! is, again, generously offering one of my readers a DVD or CD/Book of their choice!  I know!  They ARE amazing!

And now to the giveaway!

One Lucky Winner will get any one DVD or CD/Book of their choice from

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