OK, so the DVD is really called Colors, Shapes, and Counting but I changed the title to include what happens around here when we turn it on!

I never tire of telling you guys about RockNLearn.com because my kids never get tired of learning from them and I never get tired of being completely impressed with them!

This latest educational DVD with new animation is no exception!  It has been quickly added to the list of “must watch” in my home! Though recommended for ages 2 – 5, even I learned something!  I am not going to tell you what it is lest you laugh me off the internet!  But I bet you will be surprised too!

I can tell you that my 4, 3, and 1 year old love this DVD and that it is way more than just Colors, Shapes, and Counting.

Well, it is that, but more detailed and intelligently done than even I could have imagined!  And I know first hand the creative and clever products that RockNLearn.com puts out!

This award winning DVD shows kids what colors are created when you mix two colors together, what an Ellipse is compared to an oval, the concepts of Diamonds vs Squares, Polygons, and so much more!

All taught with catchy tunes, fun characters, and a pace that kids can keep up with.

Colors, Shapes, and Counting will challenge a child that you think knows everything about the subjects.  In fact, I thought the information would be too “young” for my kids, since they love that stuff, but they too, got up, got dancing, and had so much more to learn!

Complex concepts, easy to learn music, amazing animation, and a reputation for perfection, RockNLearn.com has another home run on their handsl!

I am once again thrilled and honored to be able to jump up on my laptop and scream the praises of RockNLearn.com!  Everyone should have this company on their radar!

With DVD’s, CD and Book sets, and even iPad apps, there is an opportunity for kids age 1 to 10 and up to learn something new, or hone their educational skills, in a fun and exciting way!

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