RejuvenatorFeeling exhausted, spent and in need of some pampering? There are days that those words bounce around my noggin more than I care to admit.  The Rejuvenator Shower Head with microbubble technology has proved to be that bit of refreshing therapy that makes me feel healthier! What are microbubbles? I thought you’d never ask…

When Technology Meets Invigorating Spa Therapy


The Rejuvenator creates billions of microbubbles as the water cascades over your shoulders with a gentle massage.  Each microbubble is ionically charged to exfoliate the skin’s surface ever so gently, while penetrating to attract the dirt from deep within the skin.  Sound blissfully like a spa for your OWN bathroom? It is!  Skin is vibrant, refreshed and soft without the need for harsh soaps and shampoos.


The Rejuvenator was easily installed in less than 10 minutes.  It accommodated my previous shower head for a complete system that can be used in collaboration or separately.  The sleek design and polished chrome look provides a complementary characteristic to our other fixtures.


Taking a few moments to treat myself to a clean like no other product I have tried feels refreshing! The negatively charged microbubbles attract dirt and oils to the surface of the skin by dislodging the particles from the pores.  The particles are then washed away from both pores and skin surface leaving you with smooth, healthier skin!

Radiance is more cost effective with the Rejuvenator! It actually preserves the amount of water used during a regular shower while giving your skin a clean glow with science and spa therapy techniques.


If you know someone in your life that can use just a little extra spa treatment, I highly recommend this spectacular gem! The Rejuvenator provides a relaxing shower experience that energizes and deep cleans for a refreshing new YOU!

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