I came across the Redbox “Lucky to Have Friends Like You” promotion and wanted to share it with you guys!  And while doing that, I got to thinking… what makes me so lucky?

First off, here is a little something about the Redbox St. Patrick’s Day promotion!

The only thing better than $1 a night movies – free movies!  Lucky you, redbox is giving everyone the chance to score free movie credits now through St. Patrick’s Day during the redbox Lucky to Have Friends Like You promotion. Each fan receives a unique web address. Every time someone rents from your address through March 17, you get a free movie credit. Rental credits are valid for ten (10) days after they’ve been deposited into your account. Spread the word, and lucky you could be rolling in free movies this March.

Pretty cool, right?
And now…  why I am a Lucky Gal!

I am a very lucky gal on so many levels.  I have a wonderful husband, amazing kids, and a house that we are slowly making our own.

And I have really great friends and cherish them dearly.

But I don’t have a lot of friends anymore. Not like I did when I was single and my phone rang all of the time with people wanting to go out, hang out, and were more friends because we all had the same freedoms to come and go as we chose.

The friends I have now are lifelong friends. Women that I could not go a day without wondering what they were up to and if they needed anything in their day to day lives. Women whose children I love as my own and whose ears I lean on the most. Some have been on my journey with me… as I met my husband, had my girls, and struggle to raise them today.  Ans some I have met along the way but I feel as if were there all along too.

Really wonderful friends.

In that right alone, I am extremely lucky. To have them.

But today I was dealt a blow. Two of my dear friends told me they were moving away today.  One is following her husband to another city and one is following her son to a different state.

I cried after shock wore off, I won’t lie. And I will probably cry many more times until they leave and after they are gone. It is hard to see dear friends leave. A bitter pill to swallow that they will not be right around the corner – or at lease within a short driving distance should I need them.

I can not imagine saying Good Bye. Telling them that I wish them well when I wish them here again. Helping them pack, watching their kids while they get things done to get moved, and keeping a smile on my face as every day brings them closer and closer to being farther from me.

But after wallowing a while, I got to thinking. I have friends all over this world that I talk to daily. And though we may not see each other face to face, we certainly are there for each other and love each other very much.

Because we live in a time a place where distance is made shorter by the Facebook, Twitters, Skypes, and Instant Messages of today. Where I can poke someone when I need them, send a text message and immediately have it returned, and talk to my friends at anytime in anyplace on my cell phone!

There was a time when moving across town meant that you might as well be moving to another country. And even if you were a consistent letter writer, the distance was still far and hollow.

But not today. Today, a friend in another city or even another state can still be here every single day.  And though I will miss them dearly, I know, thanks to the advancements of today…  they are really never that far away.

Because of that… I am a very, very lucky gal!

I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and redbox blogging program, for a $25 Walmart gift card from redbox. For more information on how you can participate, click here.