With the holidays coming, I LOVE this app!  Download Recalls Plus for your Apple device, Android device or for Facebook for FREE and keep your kids safe with all of the latest recalls or product information on  all of those toys that Santa leaves under the tree!  I, for one, am so excited about Recalls Plus!  Do you know how many items I have had in this house that probably have recalls?  And I just miss the chance to have them fixed or be reimbursed for them because I never know about them!  This app solves that issue!

Download Recalls Plus: Apple Store

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Just check out some of the features the app has:Recalls Plus will monitor recalls on your children’s items. It has been designed and developed by parents of young children for other parents of young children.

Checklists by Age:

Select an age range to choose common products from easy preset checklists for Newborn, Infant, and Toddler.

Add Any Product:

Track recalls on items you already own or want to buy. For example, Britax Stroller, Graco Toys, etc.

Track Foods:

Select from 8 FDA-mandated food allergies to get alerts on related food recalls. For example, eggs, fish and peanuts.Recalls plus will only send alerts when a related recall applies for one of the products or food allergens you have listed. You can also browse the nationwide list of recalls reported by top government agencies.

How helpful is that?   Be sure to DOWNLOAD now and check out this list of already recalled items below!

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