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I am so so so so so excited to share this amazingly easy recipe and event with you! As a mom of three picky eaters, I need all the help I can get! So when I was asked to share some awesome ‘how to get veggies’ into their meals ideas and the Google Hangout with Gina Neely with you, I was all over it like cheese sauce on broccoli!

Quick 'n Easy Chicken Pot Pies

The other day I had the privilege to chat with Gina Neely of Down Home with the Neelys about something all mom’s grapple with on a nightly basis. What to make for dinner and how, if at all, we can get veggies into fast, easy meals that our kids will actually eat! I fight with it all the time and have almost given up on giving my girls anything but corn and carrots. However, with persistence and a little creativity, I think I can make even more delicious meals with veggies included! Gina Neely and Green Giant are here to help us, too!

'Hangout' With Gina Neely 9/23/14 at 8pm #GGReinventDinner

2014 Fresh Takes On What To Make with Green Giant Frozen Survey in which more than a third of parents surveyed admitted to forgetting about, or even purposely cutting out, vegetables when crunched for time at the end of the day, leaving them out of meals an average of twice a week. This is despite four-out-of-five (83%) parents agreeing no dinner is complete without a vegetable.

I admit that I do it way too often!

I decided to see if Gina’s recipes were as easy and delicious and kid friendly as she claims! In a matter of about 10 minutes, I put together Gina’s Quick ‘n Easy Chicken Pot Pies and, WOW, did they come out delicious!

I have to say, the flavor, the ease of little hands holding this and the absolute interest in the “chicken cupcake” as my 8 year old called it made this a hit in my house!

That is the point of these awesome recipes and the initiative by Green Giant and Gina Neely. To make meal time easier for mom and to make getting veggies into everything much more fun for everyone involved. Because there is no reason to make a meal with veggies if kids are not going to eat it!

'Hangout' With Gina Neely 9/23/14 at 8pm #GGReinventDinner

In my conversation with Ms.Neely last week, I learned that her personality, passion and excitement over this program are evident. A lot of her recipes she has been making for years. She just tweaked them a bit to make them more family friendly. These recipes take out the need for planning major meals when you are tired and only want take out. They are fast, super easy and can be recreated time and again with complete success!

Gina’s White Pizza with Sweet Corn & Bacon

Gina’s Chicken Divine

Gina’s Beef Vegetable Medley Stir Fry

Gina’s Pork with Honey-Roasted Sweet Corn Salsa

Green Giant Steamers are a perfect solution for busy parents, offering 25 delicious steam-in-the-bag varieties, including options with unique sauces, seasonings and blends that help make meal-time more exciting. With favorites like Roasted Red Potatoes, Green Beans & Rosemary Butter Sauce and Broccoli and Cheese, the Steamers offer a convenient and simple way for families to enjoy their vegetables.

Gina’s Quick 'n Easy Chicken Pot Pies + 'Hangout' With Gina Neely 9/23/14 at 8pm #GGReinventDinner

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